LeMonteverdi - Benjamin Monteverdi - HD-18



Discover the timeless soul of Monteverdi, a place that has touched hearts for over 50 years. Here, tales of the past intertwine with the elegance of the present, creating an atmosphere that spans decades with the same grace as the iconic films of Marcello Mastroianni, a loyal patron. At Monteverdi, time seems to stand still, for elegance and charm know no age.

Lovers come to celebrate their romance, friends reunite in the authenticity of our setting, generations pass down this tradition, and families gather around delicious meals. In a street of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the vibrant heart of Italy beats to the rhythm of Monteverdi.

Our establishment is much more than an Italian restaurant; it is an institution where the art of living thrives with timeless elegance. In our lounges, an enchanting atmosphere awaits you, accompanied by the harmonious melodies of a piano, enticing our guests to savor each moment, like a perfectly cooked dish. In another space, warmed by the crackling of a fireplace, a true sanctuary is created where comfort and conviviality reign supreme, inviting everyone to feel at home.

We nurture the magic with passion because, for us, every experience is a priceless treasure. As the Romans say, Allegro con fuoco – with fire and joy. At Monteverdi, we invite you to experience this joy with every bite.quote02

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