quote01 The soul of a place touches the heart.  I think that those who have dined here in the last 42 years know what I mean. Le Monteverdi has weathered the years like a Marcello Mastroianni movie (a faithful client). It doesn’t age because elegance and charm are timeless.  Lovers adore his romanticism, his friends remember his authenticity, fathers initiate their sons, and families come together.The heart of Italy beats on a street in Saint Germain des Prés.

Le Monteverdi is an institution.  Its history brings to mind the art of living.  Life is eaten Al dente.  My impatience to continue Claudio’s story is great, to write a new chapter, to inhabit these walls and listen to the whisper of history.

I do not come alone.  I am the captain of squadron, in the dining room and the kitchen, Elodie Baggi, the beautiful Florentine, who shined for 10 years with me at L’ENVUE, my son Romain, and our Head chef Salvatore Laudando from Napoli who worked at Terrazza dell’Eden in roma ( one star on Michelin guide)  then he traveled in australia and in London at Amaranto, italian restauraurant at  Four season hotel.

Our passion keeps the magic alive, and experience is priceless. Allegro con fuoco, the  Romans say.  Yes, fire and joy.quote02

Valérie Balard


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